Walk n Work. 

Go search Amazon for treadmill desks. Read the reviews. 6-8 miles a day, 2000 calories burned, uptick in energy. $400-600 per unit. Tempting. 



You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. 


Why are you doing?

Why are you doing? 

by Derek Sivers (original post here)


The most important thing in life is to know why you are doing what you’re doing.

Most people don’t know. They just go with the flow.

Social norms are really powerful. The inputs that influence you are really powerful....

Trump in CO – A Summary.

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My brother and my good friend Sam are headed south to Colorado Springs.  The rally is taking place in an aircraft hangar at Colorado Springs airport. Sam and I are wearing black neutral clothing, so as to not stand out. My brother is wearing a T-shirt with an American flag to blend in… He claims, “When you go to a Yankees game, you wear a Yankees jersey…” Not sure what that means....

WorldFirst for everything Forex.

I’d like to commend the WorldFirst team, and specifically Matt Worley, for such an easy transfer of funds from Australia to the United States.

I had my savings in an Australian bank account (CommBank) from my time working overseas.  The official exchange rate for AUD/USD was around .76 at the time of transfer....

Polish (?) or Bust.

I just realized that polish (to make shoes shiny) and polish (the country) are the same word.  I wonder how much confusion that’s caused in human history.  Similar to colonel (‘kernel’ in the army) and kernel (popcorn) when said out loud.  Nevermind.

An obstacle to blogging, or writing in general, is whether to post a thought that is important or useful, but unfinished....

A thank you to Bon Iver!

Even years later, I can still turn on Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago and get absolutely lost in his creativity, vocals, and soundscape.  It’s plain magic.   Always trying to find new genre-forging musicians like him…but so far, in my opinion, he stands on his own.


1 Month Hiatus = Complete.

Back on the blog folks.  Been taking a break the last month.  And when I say folks, I mean the one or two people that occasionally have a look at my posts.  They’ve probably mis-Googled “Mailboxes for sale” and somehow arrived at Mailbox Head.  Oh well, I believe I’ve earned their respect....




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Are you a Bob Ross or a PSG?

Bob Ross vs. the PSG

Here are two approaches you can take to your own projects, no matter how big or small:

Approach #1:   The Bob Ross approach

Bob Ross painted everything meticulously.  Every step was thought out, explained, and even relished.  Trees were happy little trees.  Bushes, happy little bushes....

Hunting for a New Chapter:

In today’s age of tech and communication, we are always one conversation, phone call, email, airplane seat chat, shared idea, etc. away from a whole new door…a door that leads to a new chapter of your life.

Sometimes it’s random chance or maybe providence, other times it feels like it’s absolutely meant to be....

Two Key Traits.

Hello and hope the week has been wonderful so far.  On Sunday and Monday I was hit by the Daylight Savings Time switch, and it really hit me like a freight train.

Read About the Effects of the DST Switch

I am certainly lumped into that 40% that need a week or so to reset their sleep schedule.  ...

Alignment: D2D & Long-Term

I’ve been on a mental kick lately in thinking about my own vision and how it aligns with my day-to-day.  I hope you’ll take a moment to think about this too.  It’s easy, in one sense, to think about a larger vision we have for ourselves.  Larger and neat ideas about who we’d like to be someday, what we want to accomplish, what we’re building, how we self-identify....

Cool: Then v Now.

It’s funny that, in the 1990’s, the cool thing to do in high school was smoke. A guy or girl with a cigarette was undoubtedly cool. Now, the cool thing to do is like own Lululemons or that one brand with a huge whale. Or something with a pastel-tint. Or sleek spandex....

Hunger on a Plane.

Some of my worst episodes of hunger have come on airplanes.  It doesn’t matter how ample the breakfast – this hunger is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  This is the type of hunger that, when turbulence strikes the plane, and you feel the collective conscious of the cabin shift from ‘worried’ to the more appropriate ‘extremely worried and now nauseous,’ makes you wish you could feel the stomach-sickness with them, but you can’t.  ...

Consistency in Writing / The Tech Paradox

Dear friends:   As of today, I’m attempting to write in my blog 3-5 times a week if able.  It’s a personal exercise for me, a way to work on writing and getting any thoughts out on the page.  Please forgive me if it’s not polished or relevant to you – but I still hope you come back....

Word of the day – Defenestration.

Defenestration – to throw someone out of a window

Autodefenestration – to throw oneself out of a window

Autodefenestratiaphilla – the sexual desire to throw oneself out of a window

Autodefenestratiaphilliaphobia – the fear of the sexual desire to throw oneself out of a window

Autodefenestratiaphilliaphobiaphillia – the sexual desire of the fear of the sexual desire to throw oneself out of a window

Hydroautodefenestratiaphilliaphobiaphillia – the sexual desire of the fear of the sexual desire to throw oneself out of a window, underwater


David Orr on Success.

“The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane.


The Rise and Fall of the Videophone – DFW

This is too funny not to post in it’s entirety.  Keep in mind, this was written in 1996 before there was even a public whisper about an iPhone and its effect on American culture.  Essential, brilliant, and ironically hilarious.   Read about the fictional rise and fall of a ‘videophone’ in an alternate America here:

David Foster Wallace on the Rise and Fall of the Videophone

http://declineofscarcity.com/?page_id=2527 – respond

Excerpt from Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace (144-151 1st Ed.)

Why—though in the early days of Interlace’s internetted teleputers that operated off largely the same fiber-digital grid as the phone companies, the advent of video telephoning (a.k.a....

J5. True Artistry.

Jurassic 5.  Circa 2002, in the style of early 90s hip hop. Essential if you want to understand what Hip Hop was before the genre transformed into a mainstream money-printing industry.   We jammed to this song 14 years ago, and it’s still so fresh.  Lyrics:

What’s Golden – J5

Check it out now
I work the pen to make the ink transform
On any particular surface the pen lands on
The camera stands on, what’s the beef?...

This is Water – DFW – An Essential Vid

David Foster Wallace is one of the most profound writers of the last 30 years in America.  His finest work, Infinite Jest, is a 1000+ page meta-novel set in an alternate America.  The novel, while comedic, is chalk full of irony and commentary on darker topics: addiction, entertainment, life’s purpose, passion, dysfunctional family life, and more.  ...

SB 50.


A few shots off the iPhone from a weekend in San Fran (see below).  Mr Matthews and co entertained the crowd on Thurs evening in a warehouse near Pier 70, which is fitting if you are familiar with the band’s history.  My dad Bill was working for the Panthers the last couple of weeks, and I helped oversee the NFL Officials’ stay during their time in SF....

Josh Turner:

These fellas are simply amazing!

Follow Josh Turner on YouTube – just a regular dude making fabulous songs. Can’t wait to cover this!


How to Score a $400 Voucher, Every So Often:

Overbooked flight = straight cashola, if your schedule will allow.

This isn’t an unknown trick at all, but worth mentioning.  If you’re flying a flight that is certain to be crowded, it’s always always worth it to get to the gate early and speak to the attendant at the desk.  Make sure you smile.  ...

Winter on Fire up for an Oscar!

This Netflix documentary is a moving and front-lines look at the Ukraine revolution of 2013-2014.  300 college students, protesting for freedom, turns into millions of Ukraine citizens uprising against their government leaders, and the struggle that got them to finally joining the EU.  This is raw and sad, but also demonstrates the power of unity among human beings from all walks of life.  ...

Aussie Blokes Save the Day.

This is epic. Two Aussie blokes, barefooted and without shirts, stop an Oporto (fast food restaurant) robbery and are interviewed the following morning on TV about the incident. Having just spent a year in Australia, I am proud to say I slightly understand what they’re saying. Btw, pluggers = flip flops....

Switch Strategies.

I love this little piece by Derek – he’s got a great book called “Anything You Want.” It tells a little story about how his passion for helping other musicians quickly, and almost unintentionally, turned into a company worth 22 million. He sold the company and donated the money to music education, keeping a small percentage of it every year so he can continue to live as a minimalist....

How A Badass Schedules Meetings:

If someone wants to meet up with you, tell them these are the only times you are available:

Dawn (easiest), midday (the alternative being “high noon” which sounds a bit cowboyish and hints at an inevitable pistol duel or the like), or the best one….nightfall (which sounds like someone is absolutely going to end up dead, or something equally ominous)....

The Moon Is Not Bigger on the Horizon!

For thousands of years, scientists and philosophers have questioned why the moon appears larger on the horizon when it is rising.  The answer:  it’s all in your distorted head!  During a moonrise, we associate the moon with the distal cues of the horizon, and cognitively ‘lump it in’ with landmarks on earth that are closer to our eye than the distant sky.  ...

6 weeks since coming home to the US.  Missing these girls today, Sokphun and Kim in Cambodia. Many games of cards, bike rides, and hide and go seek with these kiddos.


The Relocater.

I think one of the most badass skills you could have is the ability to fix dislocated joints in public. You don’t even have to be a doctor. Just have the ability to pop a shoulder back in. I would carry a knife and wear two shirts, one which could be cut up to use as a sling in front of the bystanders....

Timber! My Uncle Tom’s Story

Since it’s NFL playoffs time, I thought I’d do an audio reading of my uncle’s Sports Illustrated article from 1988.  The story recounts a humorous bet my Uncle Tom made with my dad, Bill (the equipment manager for the Denver Broncos at the time).  At the time, a new ‘football canon’ was being used by teams for special teams practice, and well… listen for more!  ...

Going Ham on Ham.

Today, I played racquetball against a massive man (280-300 lbs) and he sounded EXACTLY like Ham from Toy Story.  I kept having outbursts of laughter, and asked him to call me Woody for the rest of the game.  Some days are just…weird.

See below:   John Ratzenberger, who plays a character in every Pixar movie....

Jim Carrey on Living.

This speech by Jim Carrey left a permanent mark on my life.  I love his vulnerability and humor….please carve out 26 minutes and enjoy listening to this man’s journey.


Inaugural Post.

Welcome…This is exciting!

Here’s the current situation with sharing on social media:

Many people now have this strange hierarchy of social media-posting-mechanism-thing they invoke when considering whether to pollute their Instagram (formerly featuring pictures of white mountaintops or twisting riverbeds or really attractive 30-yr old YUPs w/ wool peacoats etc.) with a short video of them slapping their sister with a big piece of pizza.  ...